Frequently asked questions

Q: How is your Centre different to Child care?

A: Community Kindergartens are very different to a Child Care Centre. Firstly we are a non-profit organisation and as such all monies are reinvested back into the Centre resulting in a well resourced and maintained environment. Our very experienced teaching staff are fully qualified with University teaching degrees and the Assistant has a TAFE diploma. We value input from the families and encourage parent participation on many aspects of the running of the Centre.

We are asked this question so often that we have a brochure available that will answer this question in more detail. If you would like a copy of this brochure, please contact us.

Q: When can I enrol my child?

A: Our waiting list books are open from birth so you are welcome to apply for enrolment any time after your child is born. We recommend wait listing your child as early as possible to ensure a place at our Centre.

Q: Is my enrolment fee refundable?

A: Your $10 enrolment fee is charged to cover postage and printing costs and is non-refundable.

Q: Are the staff fully qualified?

A: Each group of 22 children has 2 teachers working with them. The specialist early childhood teacher has studied education at University and her Assistant has a Certificate 111 from TAFE.

Q: My child is already on the waiting list. When will I be contacted regarding enrolment?

A: Our enrolment process begins mid/late August. The first 44 families will be contacted and depending on their response we continue to contact families until 44 places have been filled. This process can take many weeks and it is important that prospective families ensure that all their contact details are up to date.

Q: The waiting list is long. Is it still worth putting my child’s name on the list?

A: Yes. Our waiting lists are open from birth so over the years families move out of the area or their work circumstances change. How fardown the list we need to go to fill all our places differs from year to year.

Q: What are your fees?

A: As a non-profit community Centre our fees are kept as low as possible. We do receive Government Subsidies as a Lady Gowrie affiliated Centre but fees make up 50% of the running costs. Please call the Centre for a current fee list as our prices do change from year to year.

Q: What do your fees include?

A: The Term fees include all visitors to the Centre, fun days such as Teddy Bear’s picnic, all cooking experiences, individual portfolios and a commemorative CD.

Q: Will my child have access to a computer?

A: Yes. Opportunities are available to the children.