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Boondall Kindergarten adopts a range of policies developed by our affiliation with Lady Gowrie. Lady Gowrie have developed a range of policies to support educators and families to deliver the highest quality education and care. These policies address a broad range of issues, and we strongly encourage you to become familiar with these policies.
Boondall Kindergarten also have policies providing more detailed information than contained in the Lady Gowrie policies. Below are some policies which may be of particular interest to families:

All Policies & Procedures are available at Boondall Kindergarten, please ask a staff member for assistance.

Constitution/ Rules of the Kindergarten

As an incorporated association Boondall Kindergarten has a written set of rules (or constitution) to govern how it runs.
The rules set out:

  • how the association operates
  • the rights available to members
  • how the management committee works
  • how meetings will run.