Frequently asked questions

Why choose Boondall Kindergarten?
We believe so much in Boondall Kindergarten that we have developed a list of why you should choose Boondall Kindergarten. Please follow this link for more detailed information
When can I enrol my child?
Our waiting list books are open from birth so you are welcome to apply for enrolment any time after your child is born. We recommend wait listing your child as early as possible to ensure a place at our Centre. Offers for enrolment are made based on available positions and where a child is placed on the wait list. We start offering places for a Kindergarten year around June in the year before commencement. We make offers based on contact information in the Wait List applications so please ensure your contact details are up to date.
Are the staff fully qualified?
Each group of 22 children have a minimum of two educators working with them. The specialist early childhood teacher has studied education at University and the Assistant has at a minimum a Certificate III in Early Childhood. For more information on our staff
What are your fees?
As a non-profit community Centre our fees are kept as low as possible. From 2024 the Qld Government has implemented FREE KINDY for eligible age children. This funding covers 15 hours per week for 40 weeks of the year. For information on current years fees
Is it still worth putting my child's name on the list?
Our waiting lists are open from birth so over the years families move out of the area or their work circumstances change. The number of offers made varies from year to year and the best way to ensure you are contacted if a position becomes available is to be on the wait list.

There is no fee to be added to the wait list and as such we highly recommend that you add your name as early as possible to avoid missing out on a place. It is also very important that you keep us updated on changes to your contact details, especially emails as we will use email as a primary contact for you.

My child is already on the waiting list. When will I be contacted regarding enrolment?
Our enrolment process begins around June of the year prior to commencement. Offers are made based on available positons and where the child is on the wait list. Offers are usually performed via email. The first round of offers are made and a timeframe given to accept an offer. If an offer is declined or the time period for acceptance passes an offer will be made to the next child on the wait list. This process can take many weeks and it is important that prospective families ensure that all their contact details are up to date.
What do your fees include?
The Term fees include visitors to the Centre, fun days, cooking experiences, individual portfolios and a commemorative photo slideshow.
Will my child have access to a computer?
Yes. Opportunities are available to the children.