Parental Participation

Families, the extended family and the community are the most important and powerful influence on the child because they provide the context for children’s growth and development including the development of beliefs, values, knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Boondall Kindergarten staff value the knowledge and provocations and questions that families bring and share and, in turn families are asked to value the professional knowledge and experience that staff bring to the learning community and to the family staff relationship.

Einpunpin FestivalFamily involvement is actively encouraged through:

  • Sharing information about your child, culture, traditions
  • Building collaborative partnerships to support children’s learning
  • Management of the centre by an elected Committee of parents
  • Parent rosters when parents spend time with their child and the group
  • Social functions such as Welcome breakfasts, Grandparent mornings, social club connections, Fathers evenings.
  • Working Bees where parents work to keep the grounds and equipment safe, inviting and stimulating