Our Philosophy

Our core belief

We believe that all children have the right to experience a quality education and to grow and develop in a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment. We believe that the kindergarten year is a fundamental time for establishing foundations for a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Our view of children

We believe that childhood is a time to be treasured; children are joyous, spontaneous, curious, and creative. We aim to encourage each child’s self-confidence and believe that by promoting a positive, self-image the children in our care will develop to their full potential. We understand and respect that each child is unique and provide an inclusive environment. At Boondall kindergarten children are viewed as competent and capable learners who are given opportunities to construct their own understandings, contribute to the learning of others, and participate in decisions that affect them. We are committed to provide a safe environment that caters for the children’s rights to play, their right to their culture/languages and their right to be active participants in the curriculum.

Our partnership with families and the community

We believe it takes a village to raise and support a child. We recognise that children belong to a family first, then a community and that families are the most important foundation in a child’s learning journey. We believe that a child’s family is the core element to their success and recognise them as the first and most significant teachers.
We strive to have collaborative partnerships with all families through purposeful communication and inclusiveness, leading to children feeling safe, secure, and supported. As educators, we encourage parents’ involvement in the decision making and goal setting of their children and wish to create an environment of mutuality and reciprocity. We believe that partnerships foster respect for diversity and develop a sense of belonging to the local community and families.

Our Program

We believe that our program should be child orientated and initiated. We believe that our program should support each child, as active participants, catering to rights of the child and the right to their own culture, religion and language. Our role is to provide a program that caters for all stakeholders. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of our land, the Turrabul people and respect the land that we learn and play on; and imbed indigenous practices in our program.
Through the implementation of the Early Years Learning Framework, in conjunction with Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, we invite children and adults on a learning journey. This journey requires a commitment to potentials and possibilities from all stakeholders.

We have a commitment to a sustainable future; we encourage, and model responsibility in the natural and built environment. Play-based learning is the foundation of our program. Through play, we provide opportunities for children to discover, create, improvise, and imagine. We aim to support children’s learning and extend their knowledge and skills. In addition to our play-based approach we believe that Intentional teaching allows for children’s learning to be actively promoted through worthwhile and challenging experiences guided meaningfully by the educators.

Our Team

Our team are valued as individuals, each bringing their own strengths and personal qualities which add to building an engaging learning environment. We are committed to continuous improvement through professional development, reflective practices and feedback from our children, families and community.